Nothing As Recent As Milk

Another of my little scribblings inspired by life with a dementia sufferer….

Like a mini van

Back when

The ice cream vans were rationed

When your siblings plans

Were hampered

When the Yorkshire puds

Were devoured

And your mind was free to imagine.

And roam and dream and challenge.

Then this began

Leaving number plates

And servicemen rates

And all your homes to date

And your family traits

Your aircraft mates

But nothing as recent

As milk



Another dementia inspired poem

Dandelion head

Put to bed in a big bin

Unless I got

To the gate and forgot.

Yogurt pot

Or gravy or tooth fairy

Or just what is the year.

Yet I know WHY 

The others are so close 

To tears.

I tell them

While I’m still that aware

That it just won’t be fair 

My demise.

You know the one

The usual the yellow

The yellow head in my head

I want them to prompt

Yet I don’t 

That’s it, I was nearly there

Dandelion head.

Closer To Home (free poetry)

So is it just smaller

Because it’s at Home

Is it just scarier

Because it’s closer to Home

The big things out there

Are they just bigger or

is it ok to say the

confusion at Home

is big too

Blessed to not know

the grief or loss or pain

But challenged by

how does the oven

work and why does

it not have a book

Home is where the

heart lies and yours

lies at Home




Part of a series of Poems –  Inspired by living with, and supporting, a dementia sufferer